If You Need Another Excuse Not To Go To Paris, Rats Have Taken Over

Your romantic stroll along the Seine River in Paris might be interrupted by more than tourist groups, mimes and street performers.  Rats have become an epidemic in the City of Light.

We’re not talking about the singing, dancing kind that are voiced by Patton Oswalt. These are disease spreading pests that have stressed local authorities. At the beginning of the month, the city was forced to close public parks in order to “declare war” on the rats by laying down hundreds of traps.

On top of this, there’s a danger in using rat poison that can tamper the city’s water supply. So far, nothing seem to be working.

To make matters worse, locals and tourists have been leaving out food for pigeons that are being stolen by the pests. In the big picture, if you’re going to leave out food for pests, might as well make it a quality baguette.

This being one of the most romantic cities of the world, the rats are reproducing at an alarming rate. One rat can created hundreds of offspring. City Hall believes that there are 4-6 million rats in the city.

The reason for the rise is due to early freezing weather, littering and pollution in the city.

Have fun with your visit to Paris. Send me a postcard!

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