See How Lame 2016 Was Via Instagram with Best Nine

We still have three weeks and some change left in the epic fail we call 2016. Between celeb deaths, U.S. falling into a dictatorship, Brexit, global warming and lack of flying cars, this year should be quickly forgotten.

Well, somebody took Instagram’s API and used it show you which of your Instagram pics got the most likes to make a 9-picture collage. The website is called It made me bummed out.

Since I spent most of 2016 unemployed, broke and trapped in North America, my year in review was mehhhhh:



Four or my photos came from my trip Toronto, two on my way up to Toronto, one in Asbury Park, NJ, one from 2 miles from my HQ and another picture I took five years ago.

Luckily, the makers also took your 2015 Instagram to see how well you traveled. Since I spent 4 months outside my homebase, you can tell I spent the most of the time drunk on craft beer in Africa and eating hamburgers.


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