Travelers Don’t Want to Pick Up Their Laptops at Newark Airport

Here’s what I’ve had confiscated at TSA check points — a bottle opener. Cost to me — nothing. If you want to explain to me why my keychain bottle opener was taken, my comment section is all yours.

Over at seventh level of hell Newark Airport in the great state of New Jersey, a few people left behind their laptop. Seventy to be exact in October and November.

How much porn do you think is on these computers?

You got an Macbook in there, some HPs and a few Lenovos. I understand the Lenovos, but come on!

There is no excuse if you leave your laptop. When I go through, I grab my laptop first before I grab my belt, even when my pants are down by my ankles.

In the big picture, this pales in caparison to people who leave their guns.


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