A Spa Amusement Park in Japan? Sure, Why Not?

I saw this Gizmodo and said to myself, “Yeah, this is something Japan would do.”

The mayor and residents of Beppu in southwest Japan created a promotional video for their idea of a spa amusement park. The town is known as a spa destination with their wealth of natural springs.

Once the video gained 1 million views, the mayor vowed to make the amusement park a reality. As you can see in the photo he tweeted out, he’s pretty excited about it. I wish I excited about anything in life as these people are.


The promotional video shows what a spa theme park would look like. It’s the perfect place to be nude in public and be on a kiddie roller coaster. Although, that milky, cloud water is suspect. I would hope sanitation would be a priority in this spa wonderland.

Then there’s the hot tub on a cat funicular seems like the most Japanese thing ever. It’s how I would like to leave this earth.

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