Toronto’s Best Beer Bar Closed — Will Relocate Next Year

In travel, sometimes timing is everything. This is the case in my quest to find the best craft beer bar in Toronto. My research turned up the name Bar Volo several times, thus I had to visit.

As it turns out, they were closing up shop for good at the location downtown. The bar’s landlords decided to sell after 28 years to make room for condos. It’s a common refrain. Once crappy area gets revitalized with hip restaurants and eateries. They get priced out to make room for upscale condos. Residents complain, but then move on.

Since it was its last days, all the kegs had to be kicked. As a result, everything was half off. I was up for the task in helping them liquidate their inventory.

As you see on their tap list, everything was craft and Canadian. Pretty much everything listed I had never heard of, which made deciding hard. The bartenders knew their stuff, and geared me towards the rare and respected breweries from outside of the city.

Here’s what I had:

  • Gaslight Helles by Muddy York Brewing Co.
  • No Chance with Miranda Saison by Great Lakes Brewery
  • Peach, Don’t Kill My Vibe (Sour Weiss) by  Stone City Ales
  • Dulcis Succubus (Sour/Wild Ale) by Brassin Special Le Trou du Diable

It’s a shame the bar had to go, but I thought it was a comfortable space — great for large groups outside and couples inside. Inside was dark and cozy and outside was a good spot to people watch along Church and Yonge St. I met a few blokes where we cracked wise about Canadians and Americas.

Do not fret, Bar Volo has a sister location in Little Italy called Birreria Volo that serves Italian small plates and Canadian beer that will tide you over. Bar Volo’s new space will actually be a mansion that’s one block away with an opening TBA.

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