Obama Visiting the Parthenon — He’s What He’ll See

The United States Traveler-in-Chief Barack Obama will squeeze in one last official visit to Europe before he’s forced to vacate his office to a game show host. This will be the first visit from a sitting President since Bill Clinton visited in 1999.

Greece is still recovering from an economic crisis that led to massive protests against austerity measures. Obama goal is encourage Greece to stay in the Eurozone and for the rest of Europe not to ignore Greece’s debt relief needs. Basically, all the topics will by over the head of the incoming President Elect.

In any event, Obama’s two-day visit to Athens will include a trip to city’s main attraction the Parthenon. I highly recommend being a head of state to skip the line to get tickets. I’m going to feel sorry for the people have to wait outside the gates for the President to finish his visit.

For a popular tourist destination, it seemed kind of disorganized and lacks a flow on how best to visited it. There’s not much in the terms guides, but I’m sure Obama will be given an audio guide to figure out what is what.

The good news is that the Acropolis Museum makes up for the lack of information (and bathrooms) at the site.

parthenon-1 parthenon-2 parthenon-3 parthenon-4 parthenon-5 parthenon-7

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