How the U.S. Election Will Affect Travel — It Sucks Now

bannedAs you might have guessed, the majority of us are not having a good week in the U.S. It seems that a bunch of people outside of major cities in rural areas voted in a racist failed businessman and game show host as our next president.

If your planning on popping in for a visit to the U.S., I suggest you hold off. Not for safety reasons, it’s more like we’ve got some emotional issues to deal with. We’re not putting on our best face forward right now.

For example, the mood around New York City is downright dour. My commute this morning had a lot of sullen faces and while walking the streets, you got sense of a pall hanging over everyone. My office today was not talkative and we pilled into the conference room to see Clinton’s speech and it got a little weepy. We’re mourning.

That too shall pass eventually. By the holiday, other cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Boston might be more in a jovial mood. Then 2017, it’s anybody guess.

The Independent suggests that 1 million fewer Brits will visit the U.S. “In a Travelzoo survey conducted shortly before the election, one in five respondents said they would ‘definitely’ not consider the US as a travel destination if Mr Trump were to be elected. A further one in nine said they would ‘probably’ not travel to America.”

This could taken be a form of protest or the falling pound.

Then there’s the travel ban on Muslims to the U.S. that was one of the touchstones of the Republican campaign. That could be devastating economic wise across the board from airlines, hotels and tourist dollars. This estimate will make you cringe.

The Council on Foreign Relations, a respected US foreign policy think tank, estimates that a travel ban on Muslims to the US could cost up to USD71 billion per year and up to 132,000 jobs, taking into account both direct spending on travel and tourism as well as spill-over into other sectors, as well as losses to tax revenues and institutions of education.

That report also pointed out something that I was thinking about — the threat of a trade war with China. That would lead to a travel ban from China, which is one of the top visiting countries coming into the U.S.

I’m just giving you more things to freak out about.

If you do come in, might a suggest you hug a stranger in the city. Introduce yourself first, because at this time, we definitely could need it.

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