What Halloween Is Like in Other World Cities

International travelers should have on their bucket list spending a holiday in another country. The United States tackles our holidays the only way we know how — all in and balls out.

Halloween is a holiday that seems to get over-hyped more and more each year. Americans just love to dress in costumes, dress their pets in costumes and stuff their face with candy. I might have to point that we can do this without all that Halloween nonsense.

This is usually when I’m out and about in the world but this is the first time since 2013 I’ve been home. Don’t be jealous. Here are a few of the cities where I’ve spent Halloween.

London: It’s been a while since I’ve spent Halloween there, but it’s mostly a chance for drunk people to wear facepaint and dress like a slutty version of something like a nurse, a football player or a pirate.

Amsterdam: I was a little disappointed that the prostitutes in the Red Light Distinct didn’t get dressed up. It would be easy to dress in a slutty outfit, but that’s really what they wear all the time. Also the lights aren’t green or orange. Plus, I wouldn’t suggest trick or treating. You might end up $500 short and with a disease.

Budapest: Not a thing at all. I saw a few college students in facepant and black clothes, but it could have been a student protest for all I know.

Johannesburg: Also not a thing. I saw a few people in witches hats and some faint cobwebs and pumpkins here and there.

Tokyo: It’s a big thing, and it’s the way it should be, for the kids. There’s a huge parade for families with kids dressed up as Mario and Luigi. I got caught up in the parade almost got run over by dragons and kids with drums. Then again, everyday is Halloween in Tokyo depending on where you go.

tokyo-halloween-2 tokyo-halloween-1

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