Toronto Craft Beer: Bellwoods and Burdock

If you’re craving more than Molson or Labatt in the Great White North, Toronto provides plenty of craft beer options for the thirsty visitor. Luckily for me, I’m always thirsty and a locally made beverage in a tap room was never too far away.

The Trinity-Bellwoods neighborhood and Ossington Ave. proved to be my favorite area for the city for eats and drinks. You can walk along the street without a plan and let your eyes and stomach to the choosing for you.

My researched showed that Bellwoods Brewery is one of the most respected micro-brewers in town. The taproom is a dimly lit and cozy space that served light bites or small plates to go with their beers. When you have this sort of set up, it’s designed for small groups to order a lot of plates. Next thing you know, you just spent $60 on food and had a few nibbles.

In any event, they keep the beers to 4 to 6 choices so you can have easy enjoy a flight. I took mine to the upstairs seating area where I can overlook the proceedings below and admire their shark wearing a sweater riding a broomstick mascot. Next door is the bottom shop where you can take home a bottle.

The aim for the brewery is to keep the brews simple, but fresh — nothing elaborate or complicated. It was most pale ales, single hop IPAs, sours and saisons. Here’s what I had:

  • Jelly King (Wild Ale)
  • Wizard Wolf (Pale Ale)
  • Jutsu (Pale Ale)
  • Monogamy (Single Hop Pale Ale — Chinook)

wp-1477879937137.jpg wp-1477879928524.jpg

Identical in look, feel and philosophy, Burdock Brewery near the Landowne station (and a few block away from the Monkey Paw book store) is another perfect spot for dates and small group. Like Bellwoods, it’s a chill spot filled with chill people.

The taproom and eatery has a lovely marble bar top. If I wasn’t in a rush, I would have taken my beer outside to enjoy the happy hour sunset.

Their menu is a little more elaborate with meat and pasta dishes. As a good taproom does, they can pair your beer with your dinner.

Here’s what I drank:

  • Vermont Blond Ale
  • Oat Pale Ale
  • Brett Farmhouse Ale
  • West Coast Pilsner

wp-1477879828748.jpg wp-1477879848895.jpg



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