Beer Voyage — Steam Whistle Brewing in Toronto

I’m going to dangle this little info nugget in front of you to start off this post. I learned during my tour of Steam Whistle Brewing that it’s the mostly popular wedding venue in Toronto. It’s booked up every weekend for the next year and half. That’s probably the most Canadian thing I learned on my visit.

Steam Whistle is one of the largest craft brewers in the country. They are known for one thing — the only beer they make, a pilsner. No lite version, no dark, no gluten free varieties. A pilsner — that’s it. Well, that certain cuts down on your choices. Talk about freedom from choice.

As far as I know, you can’t get it in America, so I tasted it for the first time, and I was pleasantly unimpressed. It’s not something I would crave, but I understand why Canadians love it. Its the PBR of Canada, without the hipster irony.

In any case, the brewery is located in the shadow of the CN Tower and next to the Toronto Railroad Museum. With the steam locomotion outside, you can figure out how the brewery gets its name.

For $10CAD, you get a 45-minute tour of the facility along with plenty of samples of the beer in the beginning, during and end. Don’t worry, it’s only 5%ABV, so you’re not going to sloshed. If you pay attention and answer a question, you can work the steam whistle.

The gift shop, which has all sort of branded material, was staffed by the most excited Canadian lady I met. Think of the accent, turn it up for 10 and add in sheer happiness and you have this woman. Forget a promotion, make her a VP.


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