Inside How to Build a House Museum at the Art Gallery of Ontario

If you think art museums are boring and could use more dancing, then you should head to the fifth floor of the Art Gallery of Ontario for a little disco action.

Their temporary exhibit that runs until October 30th is from Chicago artist Theaster Gates. He’s turned the space into a lively dance floor complete with  DJ booth on a church pew and roomed filled with disco balls. Whoop whoop.

Gates proposes new ways of honouring and remembering Black experience and explores the potential of these spaces through music, dance, video, sculpture and painting. Organized as a world of symbolic structures and their associated objects, the exhibition is dedicated to Black luminaries including George Black, Frankie Knuckles and Muddy Waters.

When you get off the elevator, you’ll walk pass red velvet curtains. Just follow the music and you’ll come across the Frankie Knuckles DJ booth.


The other large room has projections of dancers of all ages enjoying the beat. This is a good place to take a seat to rest and recover.

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