For Pizza in Toronto, It’s Pizzeria Libretto

In a city of massive diversity like Toronto, you’re bound to find any cuisine that caters to your interest. For me, I’m always in the mood for great pizza. I’m not talking about the greasy takeout kind with the stereotypical Italian on the box. It has to be coal or wood fired, legit dough and simple, fresh ingredients. Add in a negroni and a beer, and you got a happy travel blogger.

While Canadian cuisine isn’t much of thing beyond peameal, maple syrup and poutine, I didn’t feel the need to find the best local Canadian restaurant. What I did want was a feel for a local neighborhood, which led me to the Trinity-Bellwoods neighborhood.

Many of the hoods in Toronto can be considered the hipster neighborhood, and Trinity-Bellwoods certainly looks like where the cool kids and young couples hang out. Ossington Ave. is the main drag that runs through the area. It’s the perfect street if you want to be spontaneous and stumble upon a cute eatery or bar with a quirky chalk board outside.

Pizzerio Libretto came up on several best of Toronto lists, so if I happened to be near one of the four locations, I can serendipitously settle there for dinner. Bellwoods Brewery is half a block down so it made sense.

The Ossington Ave. location is the original location. Each restaurant has their own specialty beer that pairs with one of their pizza.

The distinction that Pizzerio Libretto has is that it’s certified authentic Neopolitian Pizza from the Italian government and the European Union. There’s a strict guideline in terms of dough, thinness, elasticity, kind of mozzarella, diameter of the pie, heat of the oven and cooking time. They don’t mess around.

I went simple with Margherita paired with the house beer, a dark saison from Flying Monkeys. That was some damn fine pizza. There’s a chalkboard where you write your feelings, which I wrote, “Did I just eat pizza in Toronto?”

Then for dessert, espresso cinnamon gelato. Note to self, get that recipe by any means necessary.


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