Toronto Is Gloriously Clean, But There’s One Problem That Bugs Me

While I’m gallivanting around the great metropolis of Toronto (or Tur-rawn-ohhh, as the locals call it), I’m trying to grasp the vibe of the city. Is it a modern, forward-thinking city? A place looking to preserve the past? A representation of the best of Canada?

What I can gauge right off the bat is that it is impeccably clean. You’ll be hard pressed to find Tim Horton bags, massive piles of rat-infested garbage or plastic water bottles filled with urine on the streets.

Before I came here, I though Tokyo was the cleanest city I’ve visited. Toronto is brushing up against it.

Maybe a lifetime of walking around piles of dog shit around New York has jaded my soul, but when I come across a clean city, I want to stand up and cheer. Seriously, it might seem like a small thing, but Toronto residents should be proud of its tidiness.

It’s hard to say whether it’s a government initiative to keep the streets clean of rubbish, but I think it would have to do with the residents wanting to keep a clutter-free city. There’s no newspapers in the subway, no garbage flying through the air and barely a pizza box to be found.

Remember Pizza Rat in NYC? New Yorkers were like “Ahh, isn’t this what make New York City great?” Noooo, they should be embarrassed that people just throw pizza and shit where they please.

Which brings us to the other side of the coin with Toronto. They have an insect problem, mostly fruit flies and bees.

The first bar I went to on Tuesday, I want to sit at the bar. I look at the marble bar top and it’s covered with dead fruit flies. The next one, same thing, and they were buzzing around the chilled taps.

Then Wednesday, when I went to get donuts, the bees were attacking me like I was the frontline between them and food. Almost ever eatery or bar I’ve gone, I’m swatting off something.

A Google search doesn’t reveal much about a particular mass infestation, just an article from Canadian news about how to deal with the problem. The height of the fruit fly invasion does come during the warm summer months.

To sum up, big ups on a refuse free city, and the flies will probably kill us all anyway.

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