Sophia Bush Lays Smack Down on Annoying Male Passenger That Won’t Leave Her Alone

Here’s a story that will shock you — an attractive woman was bothered on a flight by a guy. The woman in this case was Chicago P.D. actress Sophia Bush. She has a twitter account, and she put it to good use.


Do we have guessed on what type of guy he was? Douchebag? Tubby dude? Old man? My vote is for general creepy dude.

Besides reaching for the pepper-spray (which TSA would have taken anyway), she handled it the best way should could without making a scene. Posting a photo for public shaming would probably ruin the guy’s life. I would have no problem if she did.

I would put airplanes and airports the worst places to meet single people. The same with gyms, supermarkets, department stores and funerals, but dudes try anyway. As a dude myself, I never tried picking up girls beyond bars, rock concerts and senior centers. Calm down, I’m joking.

In the end, this is a daily occurrence for attractive women, even the ones wearing headphones. It’s going to take a monumental society push to call out dudes who just don’t get it.

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