How Do You Feel About Selfies at 9/11 Memorials?

People wonder why I hate on tourists.

For those of us who lived through 9/11, whether it be in New York, Washington or Western Pennsylvania, today is a day of reflection. For outsiders and visitors to the memorials, it can be a learning experience. For some of those people, it’s time to whip out the selfie stick, smile and upload to social media to show how much an asshole you are. I hope that is a small minority … a very small minority.

While I don’t speak for those who have vivid memories of that day, I would ask those who feel inclined to that they hide their narcissistic tendencies for once. It’s a loosing battle at a popular tourist attraction.

On the other hand, I understand.  You wanna show other people how cool you are that you’re in New York. Signs can be posted to be respectful of the memorial, but you’ll do it anyway. We can tell you stories of how horrible that day was, how the smoke lingered for weeks and the range of emotions that lingers today but you’ll do it anyway.

One photographer captured visitors taking selfies and made a short video for the Soho Photo Gallery called Memorialized. While it doesn’t pass judgement, the exhibit speaks itself. The big question is why are people doing it. My simple answer: they weren’t there that day.

Then we have these douchebags from London, who were caught taking a selfie on Saturday with a blowup doll. Cops told them to leave. I’m not surprised. We as a society don’t call people out like this. I vote for public shaming of these tourists.



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