Will the Headphone-less iPhone 7 Prevent Pickpockets?

I’ve been reading the news reports on my Samsung smartphone and my Lenovo laptop about the new iPhone 7. The big takeaway was the long-rumored removal of the headphone jack, so it will strictly be Bluetooth-like headphones. I hope your dog or cat doesn’t eat those new earbuds.

This got me thinking pros and cons of this while traveling. I use earbuds because they travel light and easy to pack. Big headphones are just obnoxious and bound to break when you pack them.

Both use the wire, which the biggest hassles are untangling them and having them get caught on something. On the plus side, since I’m so absent minded, I can follow the wire to know which jacket pocket my phone is in.

As we know, pickpockets are still a thing in Europe. I’ve never been a victim, but I did see an unsuccessful one in Lisbon as a dude tried to get into somebody’s backpack while it was on their back. This is why I recommend shoulder bags.

This got me wondering if the headphone wires prevent or deter pickpockets. Let’s say you have them on, your listening to your crappy music and all of sudden you feel a tug and it goes silent. Your quick reflexes can grab the guy before he runs away with your phone.

Same scenario, but now with wireless headphones. You’re walking, listening to your NPR podcast and then the sound starts getting spotty. Hmmm, where’d my phone go? By the time you notice, the guy with your phone could be 20-30 feet away depending on your range.

My vote is for the wires, just for the fact that you are less likely to loose them. In the end, I could care less because I haven’t bought an Apple product since the last gen iPod.

For those iPhone users, I just hope those earbuds don’t fall in the toilet like your phone does.

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