Places to Not Play Pokemon Go Around the World

PokemonGo_BuffaloBillPokemon Go! I don’t even know her. Bah dum dum.

Apparently we as a society have become bored with millions of hours of streaming content at our disposal, a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips, taking selfies, snapchatting and human interaction that we need a mobile video game featuring Japanese cartoon characters from the 90s to fill our disposable free time. “Oh, but Chris. People are leaving their homes to go out and explore.”  Sure, but you shouldn’t need a video game to do that.

I was watching the BBC World News and they were interviewing a gentleman who quit his day job and had been traveling around the world to catch all the Pokemon characters. The thing that got me was that he didn’t look too happy or fulfilled. It could have been the spotlight of being on TV, but he had the look of disappointment. The journey had ended, but I guess he was expecting better sense of accomplishment.

In any event, you’ve heard stories of people being robbed, finding dead bodies or falling off of the cliffs, now here are a few places where you shouldn’t be playing the game.

Auschwitz, or anyplace associated with the Holocaust: Yes, it’s true — people have been going to museums, concentration camps and memorials looking for Pokemon. Nobody should be surprised once people started taking selfies at inappropriate times. “Technology can be an important learning tool, but this game falls far outside our educational and memorial mission,” United States Holocaust Memorial Museum told USA Today.

Arlington Cemetery: This isn’t the first time Arlington has been the scene of inappropriate behavior. “We do not consider playing ‘Pokemon Go’ to be appropriate decorum on the grounds of ANC. We ask all visitors to refrain from such activity, ”  Arlington Cemetery had to tweet out.

Mecca: Taking your phone out to play a game during a holy pilgrimage turns out is not a good idea. Clerics at the Grand Mosque frown upon those shenanigans.

9/11 Memorial: So much for the memorial to be a time of reflection. “A 28-year-old Pokémon Go player from New Jersey, who only identified himself as Shawn, said he was passing through the site when he decided to whip out his phone to play the game. He told TIME he regretted the decision when he realized the magnitude of the landmark,” wrote Fucking millennials.

Louvre: Some of the greatest art work in the history of the world is housed here. “Nah, I’d rather play a video game,” say boys and girls. On the other hand, the game has increased attendance at museums big and small.

Machu Picchu: Machu Pikachu? I guess one of the natural wonders of the world isn’t reason enough to visit.

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