Early 1980s Arnold Schwarzenegger Welcomes You To Rio and The Ass

Before Rio de Janeiro became a Zika-ridden crime wave of feces-laden water, bankruptcy and corruption just before the 2016 Summer Olympics, it was a paradise for the rich and famous. A young actor, body-builder and creepy man named Arnold Schwarzenegger made a tourism promotional video for this South American paradise.

WARNING: Contains strong ass shaking and Austrian accents

Here are the uncomfortable lines said by Arnold. This is per-Terminator, Total Recall, Governor of California and noted philanderer:

  • During carnival, gorgeous mulatto bodies move in ways that even a fitness expert like myself can’t believe.
  • “Women believe the central part of the body is the ass.” I agree with the Brazilian point of view. In America, it’s the breast.
  • You know something, after watching the mulattoes shake it, I can absolutely understand why Brazil is totally devoted to my favorite body part: the ass.
  • When you let it happen, you get into very quickly. (He then begins to dry hump a dancer.)
  • I teach you English … biting.

Out of all the words! Biting!

Excuse me while I disinfect myself.

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