You Don’t Need This — Motorized Luggage

Are you friggin’ kidding me? The luggage you sit on and zip through an airport. What could possibly go wrong?

As we all know, walking through an airport while dragging your luggage that has four wheels is so June 2016. Yeah, old man, booooooo on you walking upright like a normal human being. It’s July 2016, we pop wheelies with our motorized luggage like a baller.

This chicanery comes from an Indiegogo campaign for Modobag. It boasts that it’s 3x faster than walking. Yeahhhhh. That means you can get to the two-hour wait at the TSA line two minutes faster while knocking over little children and looking like a complete douchebag.

Speaking of douchebag, you remember all the way back to December 2015 and hoverboards.  All of the USA airlines banned them. The main reason is that they are stupid and impractical.

Now imagine taking the Modobag in an airport, which if you have noticed lately, are crowded. You might be able to ride 50 feet before you have to take escalators or wait in a line. The amount of time you take to sit your ass down, turn it on and ride around avoiding other people, you could have just walked there.

All this stupidity will cost your $995 plus shipping. It’s the size of a carry-on at 22 x 9 x 14, rechargeable and comes with GPS tracking so you see it on your phone as somebody rides away with it.

I love products that solve a problem that doesn’t exist.

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