Boston’s Jacob Wirth Restaurant Featured In New Ghostbusters, Which Is Set in New York

As you know, Hollywood has recycled another film from our youth in the form of Ghostbusters. The original was one of my favorite films growing up, and the new one, had it’s moments.

It’s also one of the most iconic New York-based movies. Tourists like running out of the New York Public Library like Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd and Harold Ramis did and pose with the lions flanking the building. You also have other great New York landmarks like Lincoln Center, Columbia University, Tavern on the Green, Central Park West and their headquarters on Varick and Moore Street.

While the new movie nods to the original and was filmed partially in NYC, the majority of the locations and constructed sets were in Boston. WHAAAAATTTT. What did you think would have caused more of an uproar —  the new all-female cast or having the movie set in Boston instead of New York? Definitely, Boston. It would add another dimension to the New York v. Boston feud.

It happens often where other cities, like Toronto or Vancouver, stand in for New York, and it never works. The worst offender is the Keanu Reeves remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still. Who knew NYC had big hills to drive down?

While seeing the new Ghostbusters, towards the end when our heroes celebrate their victory — oh, you thought they would all die, spoiler alert, they win — I instantly recognized the location. It’s the popular historic German beer hall Jacob Wirth. I could tell with the beer taps lining the wall.

Since 1868, the traditional beer hall has been serving boots of German beers, buckets of big pretzels and massive portions of schnitzel. You have on tap Spaten, Warsteiner, Hofbrau and Franziskaner alongside of their house brewed dark and light beer.

The place is a great communal meeting place for old timers, local business people, happy hour revelers and visitors. It is not known if Jacob Worth’s ghost haunts the joint, but if it did, there’s always a chance for a Ghostbusters II remake.



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