Inside the MuseuMAfricA in Johannesburg

For those looking for a little history and culture and don’t want to pay anything, might I suggest the MuseuMAfricA in Johannesburg. Located in the Newtown section just over the Nelson Mandela Bridge from Braamfontein, the museum is housed in a converted fruits and vegetable market from 1913.

Since it is free, there’s no need to criticize, BUT … it could use a little focus. It’s billed as a history museum, but the ground floor is a little random. To the left, you have a more science-focused exhibit dealing with rock formations in Africa. To the right, you’ll see a recreation of a historic bar.

MuseuMAfricA-2 MuseuMAfricA-1

There are three levels of exhibits that include art work, African artifacts and rather extensive collection of antique cameras. As owners of a few vintage cameras, I had to take photos of photography equipment.

MuseuMAfricA-6 MuseuMAfricA-7

The main reason to go to museum is the room filled with giant historical photographs of protests during the apartheid era. It’s one thing to see a 8×10 photograph where you need to lean in, but when you have to lean back of a billboard-sized blow-up photograph, then it came be memorable.

MuseuMAfricA-5 MuseuMAfricA-4

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