How Will Brexit Affect Travel? One Word: Thunderdome

Here’s a sample of the headlines I’ve come across since Thursday’s vote by the United Kingdom to leave the European union:

  • How Will Brexit Effect U.S.-U.K. Relations?
  • How Will Brexit Effect Imports?
  • How Will Brexit Effect Exports?
  • How Will Brexit Effect Euro 2016?
  • How Will Brexit Effect Global Markets?
  • How Will Brexit Effect Glastonbury?
  • How Will Brexit Effect Game of Thrones? (not joke, here’s an article from Deadline)
  • How Will Brexit Effect your 401K? (answer, no bueno)
  • How Will Brexit Effect You Personally?
  • How Will Brexit Effect Food?
  • How Will Brexit Effect the Weather?

I’m joking about that last one, but I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody looked it up.

The big question for us travelers is how it will affect us going to the U.K. and Europe. The answer is that bordertowns will spring up throughout London and mainland Europe. In order to pass border control, you must enter a round, globe-like arena. The rule is simple: two men enter, one man leaves. While other tourists shout and spit at you, you will do battle with U.K. separatists using battle axes, wooden logs, chainsaws, chains and maces. You survive, you get a passport stamp. You lose — well, you will be missed.

I kid, but it’s too early to tell if there will be an impact, if any. We do know that the pound is at it’s lowest in 31 years at 1.33 against the U.S. dollar. As I’ve said repeatedly, buy currency now even if you’re not going to the U.K. anytime soon. As for the Euro, that’s also at a reasonable rate to stock up at 1.10. When I stocked up early last year, it was at 1.06 during the Greece bailout crisis. Pull the trigger now.

In no way you should alter your plans. It’s silly to think that you’d be in danger or singled out in Britain if you’re a tourist no matter where you come from. If anything, I think it would be an interesting time to hear from Brits what they think, or if they care at all. Thirty million voted overall. That’s 72% of the eligible voting population, meaning 28% said “bollocks”.

In the next year, there could be a revote (“Opps, we made a huge mistake.”) or Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland could leave to join the E.U.

huge-mistakeIf this stands, the one aspect I have been talking about is London not being the center of European cool. London is one of the most diverse cities in the world and if companies don’t want to do business there, they’ll go someplace else.

I can see Berlin becoming the epicenter of European cool where artists, thinkers, entrepreneurs and the jetset go to be seen and make a name for themselves. It was fun while it lasted, London. Amiright?

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