Weird Photos from Inside the Wits Art Museum in Johannesburg

I bring you Sad Dutch Santa Terrorizes Sleeping Child With Creepy Teddy Bear

After you grab coffee in Braamfontein, head up Juta Street towards the Nelson Mandela Bridge to the Wits Art Museum. It’s a contemporary African arts and education space that shows the advancement of Johannesburg as a design and arts destination.

First off, it took me while to figure out how to get in. Just find the front desk, sign your name. e-mail and they were open up a giant door for you. It’s a pay what you like space, so throw them some bills or coins as you please.

On the ground floor, you’ll see such things as a music room where you wave your hand around to make noise and a tweeting African mask. The Komo Society Mask tweeted to not laugh at your brother and asked “Am I being elevated or diminished?” Both deep thoughts.

Upstairs is where I saw some truly odd things — a bunch of pop culture artifacts. It seemed like the museum went to somebody’s garage sale and decided to put them on display.

Let’s see what we got here:


You have Popular Music’s Golden Hit Parade Volume 1, 2 and 3. Although, I’m trying to figure out why there are pictures of women on the cassette tapes.

Wits-Art-Museum-3Here’s sexy, sexy leopard print bikini lady.


Who knew Young Love was so cheap? 55 cents! They look so adorable and happy, but that nurse in the background looks displeased. She might know that their STD test turned up positive.


Here’s the world’s lamest Indiana Jones ripoff. This couple, Pornstashe and Beret Girl, is ready for action.

Google translates this as:

Rocco de wet grensvegter = Rocco the law border vegter

‘N veeraaier is ‘n lafaard. Dit Het Die Boosaardige Richard Wolpen Opnuut Bewys = ‘N veeraaier ‘s a coward. This The Who Malicious Richard Wolpen Opnuut Bewys


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