Is It Safe To Travel To America for Foreign Tourists?

When you read about horrible bombings, mass shooting and terrorist threats in major world cities like Paris, Beirut, Brussels, Istanbul, Beirut and Tel Aviv, it gives us pause. We ask ourselves, “can we continue our travel plans?” The thinking that prevails is that we must be vigilant and not let terrorists make us afraid to travel. As you know, nothing send a stronger message to terrorists when you post a picture of yourself wearing a beret, eating a baguette with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

With this weekend’s events, the unrelenting gun violence in Chicago and the consciousness that we are bat shit crazy with guns, it made we wonder if other governments are warning their citizens about travel in America. — or whether to eat at Chipotle.

is-it-safe-to-travel-toLet’s turn to my friends over in the UK, who posted this on their website:

On 12 June 2016 a firearms attack at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida killed 50 people and injured over 50 others. If you’re in the area, you should follow the advice of the local authorities.

Around 3.8 million British nationals visit the United States every year. Most visits are trouble free, but you should take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.

I think the advice of local authorities would be to get to Universal Studios early.

And what’s with the “most visits are trouble free”?  I’d like to know what kind of trouble British people are getting into here. I’m guessing our extended drinking hours, all-you-eat Chinese buffets and driving on the wrong side of the road can lead to some chaos.

Future Dictator-in-Chief Donald Trump said this in March after Brussels: “I don’t think America is a safe place for Americans, you want to know the truth. We’re allowing thousands of people to come in here. Nobody knows where they’re from. Nobody knows who they are and they’re coming in here by the thousands and let me tell you something, we’re going to have problems.” Now that’s a ringing endorsements for tourism in America.

Finally, let’s look at what Australians are telling travelers coming to America:

  • We advise you to exercise normal safety precautions in the United States. You should exercise common sense and look out for suspicious behaviour, as you would in Australia. Monitor the media and other sources for information on local travelling conditions.
  • Terrorism is a threat throughout the world. We assess there is currently a heightened threat of terrorist attack in the United States caused by those motivated by the rhetoric of extremists involved in the conflict in Syria and Iraq.
  • The United States has more violent crime than Australia, although it rarely involves tourists. Mass shootings continue to occur in public places in the US.

Thanks, Australia. Rub it in, why don’t you?

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