The Foundry in Johannesburg Caters to Fans of Craft Beer, Cocktails and Creative Dishes

When you arrive to a new city and venture out from your hotel, you started gathering information from your surroundings to see if you’re going to enjoy your stay. Since Johannesburg is large and sprawling, it’s not like you walk out to get a look and feel of the city.

My first destination was The Foundry for dinner. Located in the upscale Parktown area, I figure the mix of a craft beer bar, a high rating on Zomato and the open dining room would be a comforting destination to enjoy the warm sunset.

When I saw the menu with dozens of local craft beer and wine options on top of a fun-looking cocktail list, I knew I had a lot of drinking in front of me. Above is the Cup of Tea, Please — inverroche, strawberries & cream tea, tonic, lime and cucumber ice ball served it a tea pot.

The dinner options, from flatbreads, grill and bistro fair, was making me nervous. Everything looked amazing. When it comes to tough decisions, I always use my rule — if it has bacon, order it. I went with the pork belly grill with smashed potatoes. It was amazing.

After dinner, I went to the bar area to drink more beer, which includes their own house made pilsner, Franky Four Finger. On draft that day included brews from CBC, Naked Mexican, Striped Horse and Boston (not to be confused with Boston Beer Co./Sam Adams).

Fast forward to my last day in the city, which was Halloween. I was exhausted and cranky from my month-long trip and was ready to get back to New Jersey. I didn’t want to be surprised and wanted something safe, so I went back to The Foundry. It was also the Rugby World Cup final with New Zealand vs Australia. The restaurant had a giant projection screen in the dining room. I ordered The Big Lebowski — Vanilla Vodka, Lavender Liquor, Martini Bianco, Martini Dry, Lime Juice with a side of the same cocktail in solid form. For dinner, I went with the rotisserie chicken, which was lovely.

Dessert —  A chocolate bar with mascarpone, crushed malted milk balls and salted caramel. I ordered it on both visits.

the-foundry-4 the-foundry-3 the-foundry-2

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