Inside the District Six Museum in Cape Town

If you can tear yourself away from the stunning wine region, the view from Table Mountain and safari excursions, do yourself a favor a learn a little bit about the historic struggle of the African people. The District Six Museum chronicles the plight of black people being removed from this area of Cape Town and relocated to the Cape Flats. District Six became a whites only area where the old residential buildings and homes were demolished.

I’ll admit that I did not know about this portion of South Africa history before going to the museum. I know District 9 and, I’m finding about this now, District 6 is a location in the Hunger Games. I never saw that. I blame the New Jersey school system for not teaching me about District 6 — the real place, not the fictional one.

Inside, you’ll read and hear individual stories of those who were displaced, the government’s reasoning (racial integration causes violence), how the area became crime-ridden and how D6 rebounded after the end of apartheid. As you can see in the photo above, the museum is a teaching facility for young students. Once your done inside, you can wonder around outside and see firsthand the progress of rebuilding.

district-six-museum-7 district-six-museum-2

district-six-museum-5 district-six-museum-4

district-six-museum-6 district-six-museum-3

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