Steampunk-Inspired Truth Coffee in Cape Town Might be the Coolest Cafe in the World

There’s a certain degree of snobbery I take pride in with my coffee. With my strong distaste of Starbucks and the dorky neighborhood coffee shop with three sizes of cappuccino and a row flavored syrup pumps, I take my coffee seriously.

When you search for the best coffee in South Africa, what comes up again and again is Truth Coffee in Cape Town. Located on Buitenkant St near downtown, Truth is the rare coffee shop where the coffee lives up to its stylish decor.

Designed by Johannesburg native Haldane Martin, the steampunk interiors is like stepping into a cosplayer’s wet dream.  The espresso machine lends itself with to the steampunk esthetic with its nobs, dials, chrome and switches, thus the cafe plays on that.


Every where you look, you’ll see silver and gold pipeworks, iron fixtures, refurbished scrap metal and antique brickabracks. The staff dress in the spirit of steampunk as well with leather aprons, metal welder goggles and vintage top hats. Dry cleaning their work outfits must be a pain.

Truth Coffee doubles as a roasting facility and full-service breakfast, brunch and lunch spot. All of this would be for not if the coffee was not legit. I highly endorse the flat white and cold brew. You can have several because the dollar to rand favors us Americans. As I pointed out when I was there, a coffee, cold brew and french toast with bananas cost me $11US total with the conversation.

Even better, you can take the beans home — easy to pack and transport. Their Resurrection blend will transport you back to Cape Town. You can also grab and go as well in the front counter.

I would put Truth Coffee on my top five favorite coffee places in the world next to Castroni in Rome, the Coffee Collective in Copenhagen, Four Barrel in San Francisco and Monmouth in London.


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3 thoughts on “Steampunk-Inspired Truth Coffee in Cape Town Might be the Coolest Cafe in the World

  1. I like Truth for the design and decor, but that about where it ends. Unfortunately the service is terrible. There is no point in having a super fancy coffee machine and waiters in quirky attire if your coffee is served cold..and then waiting half an hour for your overpriced bill. If you were to ask any Cape Town local, I doubt they would recommend Truth…I guess it’s just another tourist trap. Why not try Jason’s Bakery on Bree – best baked goods around, delicious coffee, friendly service and a real feel for local Cape Town

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  2. […] On these blocks, you’ll find Father Coffee, where they proudly boast that their coffee is “Fresh To Death”. The beans are sourced from Africa, so they back that fact up. The Scandinavian minimalism and geometric patterns gives the feeling of a cabin in the woods. It’s the opposite in look and feel from the steampunk stylings of Cape Town’s Truth Coffee. […]


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