Colorful Photos of Cape Town’s Bo-Kaap Neighborhood

One of the many great things to do in Cape Town is wonder around the living museum that is the Bo-Kaap neighborhood. Located about  10 to 15 minute walk from central downtown, Bo-Kaap is one of the most colorful and captivating neighborhoods in the world.

Back in the mid- to late-1700s, the area was predominantly Muslim, who were freed slaves from the Dutch settlers. Today, you can still see the Nurul Islam Mosque in the area.  To honor their Muslim heritage, the houses were painted in vivid colors for the celebration of Eid. The neighborhood worked together so as not to repeat the same colors next to each other. You can learn this in the BoKaap Museum. It’s small, so your visit won’t be longer than 20 minutes.

Traditionally, the area has been a multi-cultural area, but now the evil concept of gentrification has creeped in. Rents has been too damn high for long-time residents and they can no longer afford to live there. Thus, make sure to visit it soon before a Starbucks with a bright brown exterior gets built.

bo-kaap-10 bo-kaap-25 bo-kaap-24 bo-kaap-23 bo-kaap-22 bo-kaap-21 bo-kaap-20 bo-kaap-19 bo-kaap-18 bo-kaap-17 bo-kaap-16 bo-kaap-15 bo-kaap-14 bo-kaap-13 bo-kaap-12

bo-kaap-01 bo-kaap-08 bo-kaap-07 bo-kaap-06 bo-kaap-05 bo-kaap-04 bo-kaap-03 bo-kaap-02

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