Random Photos of Casablanca

Looking back, Casablanca wasn’t so bad after all. Two nights and one full day was perfect for what I wanted to accomplish — see the big sights, visit the hot spots, eat the pastries, indulge in some touristy activities and not set off an international incident.

As the financial center of Morocco that aspires to be relevant in the world economy like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Casablanca is far from what you think it is based on a 70-year old movie.

Take this photo below. It looks like any third-world middle eastern country like Syria, Jordan or Iraq. Nope, it’s Casablanca, if I turned around you’ll see major commerce.


Then you have this photo. It looks like Los Angeles, Phoenix or Miami. Nope, a park Casablanca.


As this is my last post about Morocco, enjoy some randomness.

casablanca-morocco-07 casablanca-morocco-15 casablanca-morocco-14 casablanca-morocco-13 casablanca-morocco-10 casablanca-morocco-09 casablanca-morocco-08 casablanca-morocco-06 casablanca-morocco-05 casablanca-morocco-04 casablanca-morocco-03 casablanca-morocco-02 casablanca-morocco-01

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