Le Chester’s in Casablanca is Worth Going Every Night Just for the Hamburger Alone

As the financial center of Morocco, Casablanca attracts business people from around the world.  The waterfront is filled with nightclubs and eateries that cater to high-end clientele and the international douche crew. As I mentioned in my first impressions of the city when I was there, these clubs seem exciting until you look inside and see that they are empty.

In the city center is Le Chester’s, a gathering place that feels like a chill party with great food, drinks, music and friendly people. It’s why I went there both nights when I was in the city.

That NY Times 36 Hour video was my guide, where Le Chester and it’s French owner was profiled as a slice of New York in Casablanca. Look and feel, sure. People wise, maybe. Good looking, but with much more charming accents.

The first night, I walked in and the owner in the Times guide was there to greet me. He treated me like I was like his best friend. You see, if you wear a blazer and big scarf in warm weather, the French will think you’re one of them. When he sat me down, he started laughing and talking in French to the people sitting across from me. I waved at them, then he said to the people in English, “We’re going to move to San Francisco.” Yeah, I had no response for that.

The cheeseburgers is what you are getting, and it was legit. The brioche bun might be big but since it’s a French made that thing was a thing of beauty. Solid fries. Solid booze. This place goes on my must-visit list.

I would have stayed longer but since I had one full day the next day to visit the city. In the back of my head, if I felt up for it, I would come back the next day.

The cheeseburger called to me the next night, so I had to come back. The second night I sat at the bar and met some locals and business people. Turns out, one of the guy’s sons lives in Jersey! The owner found me there and gave me a big hug and kisses on the cheek. Damn, how come people don’t great me like that back in America?

Probably my crowning moment of visit to Morocco, I typed in my Google translate from English to French, Pouvez-vous jouer Daft Punk? (Can you play Daft Punk?) and showed this to the DJ. Thus, he played Daft Punk. How’s that for a baller move?



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