Photos of the Marrakesh Souks, Where I Don’t Recommend Riding A Bike

There’s all sorts of traffic going in and out of the souks. You have human, donkeys dragging carts, mopeds, motorcycles, rickshaws and bicycles. What I didn’t see were rollerblades, segways, skateboards or hoverboards.

In my attempt to experience Marrakesh as the locals do, to kind of blend into the everyday existence, I got a bike to venture around the winding pathways. Looking back at it, it feels like a suicidal cry for help.

For the most part, I took a leisurely ride through all the merchants until I got stuck in a crowd and had to dismount. With my camera, I was playing the part of travel photography trying to capture everyday life like I was shooting for National Geographic. Yeah, not so much. It was more trouble than it was worth. I can have easily run over a cat and then go head first into a pile of leather bags.

As I’ve mentioned to other travelers, I’ve biked in many exotic places — Tokyo Beijing, Prague, Stockholm — but refuse to do it New York. Mother fuckers will flat aim for your ass there.

Here’s what I shot in the Medina.

marakesh-souks-01 marakesh-souks-02 marakesh-souks-04 marakesh-souks-05 marakesh-souks-06 marakesh-souks-07 marakesh-souks-08 marakesh-souks-09 marakesh-souks-10 marakesh-souks-11 marakesh-souks-12 marakesh-souks-13 marakesh-souks-14 marakesh-souks-15 marakesh-souks-16 marakesh-souks-17 marakesh-souks-18 marakesh-souks-19 marakesh-souks-20

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