Shopping in Marrakesh Beyond the Souks — Souk Cherifia and 33 Rue Majorelle

Your guide book will say that Marrakesh is a shopper’s paradise — if your version of paradise includes being grabbed, followed and shouted at my shopkeepers. Your limit is your imagination and whatever cash you carry with you.

While the metal works, fabrics and pottery looked enticing, I couldn’t see myself dragging a hanging lamp through the rest of Africa. Furthermore, after walking endlessly through the souks, everything starts looking the same.

There are couple of places to visit that have more modern merchandise where you talk with the artisans who made the products. Also, the prices are what they are. No awkward haggling needed.

Located in the northwest section of the Medina souks, Souk Cherifia is a collection of small boutiques overlooking a large courtyard. You can find women’s clothing, fabrics and wraps made by local designers and paintings and tapestries from local artists.

I was on the hunt for some ceramics, perfumes and exotic foods stuffs like spices and oil. I found some mini-tagines, soaps and room scents at Chabi Chic. Over at Terrasse des Epices I got a jar of coffee spice that you add to your cup of joe to give a little quick. I wish I bought more because it’s might awesome.

You can check their websites for their rotation of stores. You can also snack on some ice cream and pastries downstairs while the feral cats run around you.

souk-cherifia-1 souk-cherifia-2 souk-cherifia-4 souk-cherifia-5

After you visit Jardin Majorelle, you can head across the street to 33 Rue Majorelle. It’s more upscale and pricey than Souk Cherifia but has well-curated merch. They a have a little bit over everything and you can find some cool, reasonable priced things like a tiled coaster, towels and ironic print t-shirts.

I bought a bottle of argan oil because that’s what you get in Morocco even though you can get it around the world. At least the bottle is in Arabic and French, so it’s authentic, right? Along with that I got argan soap, a tiled keychain, vintage print postcards and a little splurge on some cologne. Hello ladies!

The shop also houses a cafe and there’s wifi through the whole shop.


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