A View of a Moroccan Sunset on Top of a Camel

Even though I preach traveling like a local, once in a while you have to do some sort of tourist-like activity. The camel-ride at sunset in the desert would be one of those activities.

I had two hesitations: One being if I was going to be stuck with a bunch of yahoos on top of camels. The other is if the animals are looked after and cared for ethically. Here in New York, there has been a backlash on both sides about horse drawn carriages in New York. In Thailand, there have been charges of mistreatment of elephants after a tourist died from being trampled. The part of the activity where a stranger picks you up and drops you off 30 minutes outside of Marrakesh in the desert I was completely fine with.

Viator is where I turned to book daytrips and the like. The reviews were all positive and mentioned that you’ll be to see the paddocks where the camels eat and sleep.

Thus, me and a Scottish college student on holiday with her family were taken outside of the city. The ride is timed so that you can have an afternoon tea and then enjoy the sunset. Plenty of photo opportunities abound.

Despite the fact that I might eaten a distant cousin a few nights before in burger form at Cafe Clock, my camel was chill. It didn’t slobber on me and didn’t mind cracking jokes about its toes.

Getting on and off the camel can get awkward, as is when the camel stands up and lays down when you’re on. It’s like being on a roller coaster in slow motion. Just hold on and lean forward. As you can expect, your thighs will be a little sore from the ride.

sunset-over-morocco-8 sunset-over-morocco-7 sunset-over-morocco-6 sunset-over-morocco-5 sunset-over-morocco-3 sunset-over-morocco-2 sunset-over-morocco-1

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