Inside the Game of Thrones Location Real Alcázar of Sevilla

As internet banner ads and Facebook feeds alerts us, Game of Thrones returns for its sixth season tonight.  I call it HBO’s Boobs & Dragons Happy Fun Hour.

With most popular shows and movies, a travel industry spawns where you can take tours of filming locations. You got Kramer’s Seinfeld tour, a Sopranos tour of New Jersey and countless Los Angeles movie tours.

For Game of Thrones, there are curated tours in Northern Ireland and Croatia, where I suppose you can throw produce at a naked women and yell “SHAME!” When I was in Belfast, my guide was quick to point out the quarry that serves as the Castle Black location. From a half a mile away and being blocked by a barrier to keep the place secret, it was underwhelming.

In Sevilla, the Real Alcázar serves as a major location from Season 5 for the Water Gardens of Dorne of the House of Martell. I’ve seen all episodes of the show and I still can’t tell you what that means.

Having previously visited the Alhambra the week before, I saw lot of the same styles and themes in both sites — the fountains, gardens, tilework, arches and Moorish influences. Built in the 10th Century as a royal palace, it’s the city’s other most popular destination besides the Cathedral.

With that in mind, that massive queue can get easily avoided by buying a timed entry ticket online. Show up at your planned time and dance pass the tourists who don’t bother researching such things.

You should carve out two to three hours to explore the rooms, courtyards and gardens. You’ll see many artifacts and painting from when Columbus set off on his voyage. The most impressive area is the Mercury Pound that show figure from mythology.


Real-Alcazar-01 Real-Alcazar-02 Real-Alcazar-03 Real-Alcazar-04 Real-Alcazar-05 Real-Alcazar-06 Real-Alcazar-08Real-Alcazar-10 Real-Alcazar-11 Real-Alcazar-13  Real-Alcazar-15 Real-Alcazar-16 Real-Alcazar-17 Real-Alcazar-07

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