Visit Museum of Marrakesh for Modern Art and an Eye-Popping Atrium

Continuing my post from yesterday on what to do in Marrakesh beyond eating street meat, buying things you don’t need and getting a rub down with your partner, the Museum of Marrakesh is right around the corner from Ben Youssef Medersa. Just follow the signs from there.

Museum of Marrakesh is a much more structured museum then BYM in that there are installations, descriptions in French of art and a small cafe and gift shop. Although, I don’t think any actually works there beyond the person up front who takes your money.

The big attraction is the atrium bathed in golden sunlight where you admire the Islamic tile work. It’s the same geometric patterns I found in my visit to Granada and Sevilla in Spain.

After you explore the tiny rooms that feature traditional artwork, some historic drawings and a few modern sculptures, you can wander around the atrium for an hour just to soak in the colors. It reminded me of my first visit to atrium at the Frick Collection in NYC. It’s a comforting space.

According to Wikipedia, the structure dates back the 1800s when it was a palace and turned into a museum in 1997.

Museum-of-marrakesh-02 Museum-of-marrakesh-03 Museum-of-marrakesh-04 Museum-of-marrakesh-05 Museum-of-marrakesh-06 Museum-of-marrakesh-08 Museum-of-marrakesh-09 Museum-of-marrakesh-10 Museum-of-marrakesh-11



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