Cervezas Califa for Craft Beer and American Sandwiches in Cordoba

After taking 286 pictures inside the Mezquita, walking The Roman Bridge and wandering the Jewish quarter, one could use a refreshing beverage. I was walking along the Avenue de la Libertad when I saw a sign pointing to Cervezas Califa (no relation to Wiz Kalifa). Now that’s effective advertising.

I had seen the Califa bottles in a few stores in Spain, but didn’t know the brewery was in Cordoba proper. So, I scraped the place I was going to have lunch and had to fill up on their brews and their menu of big old American sandwiches.

I sat down at the bar with a big smile on my face. When you discover a place at the right time, it’s all good. The bartender spoke English so I just said, “Line ‘um up!” They have a large selection of Spanish craft beer bottles and, this stunned me, American craft beer like Pizza Port from San Diego that I can’t get here in the New York area. There must be some black market for cans that leads to Andalucia.

Their selection had a decent variety of style, even a stout which is rare in Spain.

  • Rubia — Blonde Ale
  • Trigo Limpio — Wheat
  • Morena — Amber Ale
  • IPA — ummmm, IPA
  • Sultana — Stout
  • Espiga Dorada — Golden Dry Ale

Although the place is one of the few new school eateries in Cordoba, a city that prides itself of tradition and history, you’ll find the old timers outside having a pint.


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