Sevilla Tapas Crawl — Casa Moreno, Blanco Cerrillo and Bodeguita Casablanca

Sevilla provides plenty of old school tapas bars where you an rub elbows with the locals and figure out the menu using your Google Translate. Hmmm, lomo en manteca is loin in lard. Great, I’ll have that.

Starting at Casa Moreno, you’ll head to the back room through the grocery store to find locals crammed into a small space. It’s shrine to Spanish traditions, including bull fighting and the matador. I particularly enjoy the poster of the guy smoking a fat cigar. Hey, man. You mess with the bull you get the horns, bro.

The menu is simple, written on a dry erase bored and features mostly cured meats on bread. The kitchen is right in front of you with a simple toaster oven. It’s just a place for regulars to gather, so I felt like I was crashing their party.


Bodeguita-Casablanca-1 Casa-Moreno-2 Casa-Moreno-3

Blanco Cerrillo is another place where you order a drink and you get a plate of olives. WOW! More olives, I haven’t had olives since the last tapas bar I went to 15 minutes ago. I ordered a plate of fried squid, and got to enjoy them with the eyes still attached. Yeah, I keep it real. The bartender enjoyed my adventurous palate and my attempt to order in Spanish. You see, I bring nations together.

Blanco-Cerrillo-1 Blanco-Cerrillo-2 Blanco-Cerrillo-3 Blanco-Cerrillo-4

Bodeguita Casablanca is popular with local businessmen and tourists since it’s located off the main pedestrian Avenue de la Constitución. Plus, it has an English menu. This is a good thing because sometimes you want to know what your eating and not guessing. I went with the puff pastry with bull tail and cuddlefish meatballs. Both were rather tasty with some red wine.

Bodeguita-Casablanca-1 Bodeguita-Casablanca-2 Bodeguita-Casablanca-3


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