Visit the Alfonso XIII Hotel in Seville to See Where Lawrence of Arabia Was Filmed

You already know that Plaza de Espana has been used several times in big Hollywood pictures like Lawrence of Arabia, Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones, The Dictator and Knight and Day. Head towards city center and step inside the luxurious Alfonso XIII Hotel. This was the officer’s club in Lawrence of Arabia.

After surviving his ordeal in the desert, Lawrence enters the officer’s club with his Arab assistant. He head to bar and asks for a lemonade … “It’s for him!”


The hotel is Sevilla’s finest and most historic, so expect $900-a-night for a room. It’s free to walk in and take a look around. Built in 1929, the hotel finished a major renovation in 2012. The rooms were updated with Moorish, Castillian, and Andalusian furnishings and tile work. The cast and crew from Lawrence and Knight & Day stayed in the hotel during filming. Bruce Springsteen was also a guest.

The lobby space was returned to their former glory through a painstaking 10-month cleaning and restoration. Here, you can get a sense of how it was like in 1961. There’s an immense sense of detail that honors Sevilla’s Morish history.  The center sun-lit parlor is the best place to compare scenes from the movie to what’s around you.

In some of the side hallways, you can see historic photos from the 20s and 30 along with some hotel artifacts.

Alfonso-XIII-Hotel-02 Alfonso-XIII-Hotel-03 Alfonso-XIII-Hotel-04 Alfonso-XIII-Hotel-05 Alfonso-XIII-Hotel-06 Alfonso-XIII-Hotel-07 Alfonso-XIII-Hotel-08 Alfonso-XIII-Hotel-09 Alfonso-XIII-Hotel-10 Alfonso-XIII-Hotel-11 Alfonso-XIII-Hotel-12

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