Craft Beer in Sevilla — Maquila Bar and La Jerónima

Beer and dessert … it’s a good thing.

Maquila Bar is the first brew pub in Sevilla, which is a mighty feat for the city since it’s steeped in history and tradition. After a week of eating in bars that were older than America, I think it was time to embrace the new school. The space is simple, but modern and comfortable

While I came for the beer, I returned for the food which was phenomenal. As you can see below, the Salsibury meatballs and mushroom pasta is as divine as it looks. Not pictured, the empanadas with chimichurri sauce and crispy chicken with tandoori sauce. Served as a tapa, it is perfect for your moveable feast. The staff, were super nice and personable, will pair your beer with your food … and your dessert. Chocolate stout cake and ice cream biscuits is a must.

The beer brewed on the premises goes by the name SON Brewing Company, which is sold locally in bottles. They’ll have four of their own plus two guest drafts.

Here’s what I had:

  • Chankete Is Dead — Session IPA
  • MAYO 15:37 — Saison
  • Mucho TrigoHefeweizen
  • Nara – American Pale Ale


Like Maquila, La Jerónima has more of a youthful crowd looking for craft beer. It bills itself as a bar and bookstore — a LibroTaberna. I stopped by three times because I became fast friends with the staff (what up, Eva!) and a few regulars. It’s a very comfortable space and since it’s Europe, take your beer outside to hold court.

The last night, I took some British tourists I met at Bar Garlochi who into craft beer to La Jerónima. Then I met an Irish couple of their honeymoon — it was his fourth marriage and at 68 years old, he has 2 great grandkids already.

While they have just three taps, their bottle list is pretty extensive and loaded with Spanish beer from every region. Just ask to look at the chalkboard.

Lost Horse by Hecatombe Brewing Co. — American Pale Ale
Cerveza Malaga by Kernel Panic — American Pale Ale. It is a craft beer featuring an orange color and the foam is persistent and creamy. Aromatically it offers fruit and citrus notes, which together with its intense flavor makes it a perfectly balanced beer.
Piconera by Tierra de FronteraAroma dominated by roasted malts, with roasted notes of coffee, licorice and even chocolate. Mouth reappear in a more decisive way these attributes, emphasizing above all a pleasant and balanced touch of coffee, filled in by the sweetness of caramelized malts, and culminated in a final, dry and bitter long.
Borderland  by Tierra de fronteraRemarkably clean and deep amber. creamy and persistent foam. Aroma with sweet notes of caramel and ripe fruit, which initially persists in the mouth, to make way for a final, long dry and bitter.
—  Zurda by Cervezas Abril — American blonde ale
Calabaza Y Canela by Cordobeer — Pumpkin beer
La Socarrada by La Socarrada Cervesa Artesanal De Xativa — American Golden Ale brewed with rosemary and rosemary honey.



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