El Rinconcillo is Sevilla Oldest Tapas Bar, and Will Outlive Us All

Located on an intersection of three streets (Gerona, Bustos Tavera and Sol), it feels that the Sevilla was built around El Rinconcillo. I kept walking past when traversing the city. There’s a reason people say  “Location, location, location” is key to a businesses success.

Founded in 1670, it’s oldest bar in the city and since 1858, owned by the De Rueda family. You’re going there for a drink and quick eat because the interiors are stunning. It’s old school before old school was old school. Every where you look, you’ll see antique wine and liquor bottles, signage and fixtures. Like my tour of the historic pubs of Dublin, El Rinconcillo is the template for all other tapas bars

If I was a fashion model, I would want to do a photo shoot in here. If you’re a single gal or guy, dress up real fancy, have somebody take a black and white Instagram photo and boom, you got a sexy dating profile picture.

While you can get a table, don’t. Sevilla is a movable feast — have a couple of drinks, two tapas and be on your way. The tourists group sit at the table. You are mingling with the old timers, locals and travelers in the know at the front bar.

The vermouth cocktail is a good intro and big plate of olives. Although, after two weeks of free olives, I think I was peeing olive oil. Food wise I kept it simple, I went with a slab of bacon, manchego and bread and a tiny hamburger. Come on, tiny hamburgers are so cute.

El-Rinconcillo-4 El-Rinconcillo-2 El-Rinconcillo-5 El-Rinconcillo-3

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