Tourist Hell — Temple Bar, Dublin

This week on this space, I’m going to be writing abut Dublin and the wonderful pubs you’ll find in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. It’s the Irish pride holiday ruined by America. First, I’m going tell you about the shitty ones to avoid at all cost.

Basically, anything in the Temple Bar area of Dublin. It’s the Times Square of Dublin in that its built for tourists who looking for all the stereotypes of a city, but actually finding in-authenticity. No Dubliner would ever go there. There’s nothing local about it.

When I went in October 2014, I did research on what pubs have historical significance and those that have craft beer. Yes, it is possible, watch this space and learn. The bars located in Temple Bar are geared towards tourists and wildly unpopular with the locals. I knew that prices go up magically at peak hours and that you’ll often find hucksters passing out pamphlets for 2-for-1 deals.

It’s sad walking through the area at night. You’ll see balding British blokes puking and pissing in the streets, desperate old women (slappers) screaming and tourists buying tacky shirts, puffy leprechaun hats and Irish flags. It’s not that much different in American during St. Patrick’s Day.

Like all tourist areas in the world, you see horrible street musicians playing. Don’t get expect Glen Hansard from Once playing “Falling Slowly” any time soon. Then there are costume characters dressed at leprechauns asking for money when you take their picture.

It’s a sad, desperate scene that I hope Dubliners are embarrassed about. It’s the pillaging of their heritage.  The city planners made Temple Bar this way and there’s no turning back now. There’s too much tourist money flowing through that area.

It’s not even that hard to find a descent, civilized pub in the city center. Do some research, or just look around you. Ask your hotel, ask a local.  Ask them where they go.

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2 thoughts on “Tourist Hell — Temple Bar, Dublin

  1. One of my favorite pubs I visited was Johnnie Fox’s….a 200 year old pub that is renowned for being the “highest” pub in the country. Loved that place.

    Can’t wait to read more.


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