Where to View the Alhambra From the Albaicin

This is an easy tip — where is the best view of the Alhambra in the Albaicin? Everywhere.

Any other questions, my friends?

Seriously, it’s about a 20 minute walk up some stairways and passages if you have the energy or you can take the small red tourist buses that will drop you off at several scenic points along the way.

Now, if you want a little liquid refreshment, I went to El Huerto de Juan Ranas. Skip the restaurant and head to the outdoor bar/lounge area where you just sit at a table or couch, order a drink and just watch the sunset. No need to order food or another drink. They’ll leave you alone.

If you just want to be cheap and get photos with your fucking selfie stick, then go to nearby Plaza de San Nicolas. It will be filled with tourists and shitty guitar playing hippies.

What awaits you is this. Obviously, the sunsets are amazing.

granada-view-from-top-2 granada-view-from-top-10 granada-view-from-top-9 granada-view-from-top-8 granada-view-from-top-7 granada-view-from-top-6 granada-view-from-top-5 granada-view-from-top-4 granada-view-from-top-3

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