Al Sur de Granada for Craft Beer, Spanish Wine and Local Eats

The other place in Granada I visited every time on my visit was Al Sur de Granada (South from Granada). It’s a small eatery and grocery on the top of Calle Elvira, which in itself is a fascinating street to walk.

Since I’m always on to look out for local craft beer, Al Sur de Granada was the only place to find it. It’s a one-stop shop for gourmet foods, fresh produce, local wines and beers. On top of that, you can have a simple, great meal or small plates. I saw their fridge filled with craft beers and said to myself, “I need to drink every one of these bottles.”

For the foods, I ended buying up some locally made chocolate bars — the one with the 72% cacao and such. Take that Mast Brothers!

When you do order a wine or grab a beer to drink, you will get a small tapa, usually a piece of bread and cheese or olives. One night, I saw a plate of ham, fava beans and eggs being served. I said to the cook working, “Can I have that?” As you see above, I ate the whole thing and I’m thankful for it.

Here’s what I drank:

Even if beer and wine is not on your agenda, Calle Elvira is a good way to see local flavor. It’s a popular street for local students and the hippie population. You’ll find tea houses, Arabic shops, dive bars and cheap kebab stands.

Al Sur is near the top of the street on the right, but if you go a block farther, you’ll see a gate near the  Plaza de Triunfo that has some historical influence.


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