Lío Is The Best Time I Had In Granada

It is a cliche, the best times you have while traveling are the ones you don’t plan on. You can look on TripAdvisor and Yelp and read best of lists to your heart’s content but just walking by a place, looking inside and saying to yourself, “This place looks cool,” negates all the research.

In the shadow of the Cathedral and in the Plaza de Las Pasiegas is a stylish and inviting neighborhood eatery called Lío. As it was explained to me, Lío loosely translated means “to have an affair.”

The place doesn’t look like the other tapas bars and eateries in town. The majority are old school and traditional. Lío has a shabby chic with a little modern twist interior. They play trip hop, Brit Pop and a few classic soul tracks mixed in. The local regulars are fashionable, good-looking but not pretentious. More than anything, the staff were some of the nicest people I came across in town. The bartenders and owner introduced me to other people. Next thing I know, we’re holding court, talking and singing in Spanish and downing shots well after last call.

My favorite moment was when me and my new friends we’re talking about flamenco and how traditional Spanish music is still wildly popular in the country. I was being told that women in Spain will dance anywhere. I pointed over to a group of ladies, waved to them and clapped like you would for a flamenco dance. They proceeded to dance for me. Yeah, they were drunk, but the point was made.

I ended up going there every night because I just felt so welcomed there. It fit my personality, the little burgers were damn tasty and the cocktails were spot on. The last night I was in Granada, I was a sad to say good-bye to everyone. Then when I see their posts of Facebook and Instagram, I see the space and I’m like “Awwwww look at that food, everybody is happy.”

lio-3 lio-2

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