Pamplona Cathedral Is a Look at the Past with Some Modern Touches

When you’re done looking around the path of the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona and realizing you can walk it in nine minutes, you need something to do with the other five hours and 51 minutes of your day trip.

The Pamplona Cathedral, also called St Mary’s Cathedral, will give you great look at 14th and 15th centuries Gothic architecture. It serves as a stop on the Camino de Santiago. You’ll see retirees and backpackers getting their papers stamped with the Cathedral’s emblem. This made me think, if you lose your papers during your three week trek, you’d probably be pissed and go home.

The church went through an extensive renovation in the 90s, which gave the final resting place King Charles III of Navarre and his wife a beautiful home. You can also see some of the paintings that were discovered during the restoration.

Once you’ve done a few laps, do check out the museum housed in the cloisters. What’s surprising is that there are some modern furnishings to house the artifacts. As you see in the pictures and in your visit, there’s smooth metal works that display big words. Nothing is in English and it fluctuated between Basque, Latin and Spanish, but basically it’s about the challenges for Catholicism in the new world.

Pamplona-Cathedral-2 Pamplona-Cathedral-3 Pamplona-Cathedral-4 Pamplona-Cathedral-5 Pamplona-Cathedral-6 Pamplona-Cathedral-7 Pamplona-Cathedral-8 Pamplona-Cathedral-9 Pamplona-Cathedral-10 Pamplona-Cathedral-11

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