Museo San Telmo Shows the History, Art and Innovation of Basque Country

If you feel the need to get some education while in San Sebastian, Museo San Telmo will be your one-stop museum for Basque art, history and culture. The museum conveniently located in the Old Town went through an extensive renovation and expansion in 2012.  The space was originally a convent converted to a museum in the early 1900s. Eventually, the expansion tripled its size so that a new library, learning center and interactive exhibits can be housed.

The best new permanent exhibit, Challenges, is in the restored chapel space. First you see videos of the restoration process. Then the room gets dark and the light show begins. You’ll see image projections all around that traces the history of the region. Eventually, you are lead to the front of the room where you’ll learn what the future holds for a planet in terms of sustainability and equality.

museum-san-telmo-2 museum-san-telmo-1

At the end, you can play around with video panels and learn how our world sucks.

museum-san-telmo-8 museum-san-telmo-7 museum-san-telmo-6 museum-san-telmo-5 museum-san-telmo-4 museum-san-telmo-3

Other exhibits that won’t bum you at tells the story of Basque in the past 100 years in art and culture. You get to see old school records, TV recordings and movie posters.

museum-san-telmo-10 museum-san-telmo-9

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