Breakfast in San Sebastian: The Loaf and La Guinda

Skipping your hotel’s continental breakfast is  a must when traveling in great cities. Why eat some piece of crap stale pastry when some of the best baked goods are just right out your door?

Thus, when you’re in San Sebastian, head over to the Gros neighborhood via the Puente de la Zurriola and have a leisurely brekkie at these two places.

The Loaf will have gluten-free travelers jonesing for some fresh based goodness. You can have some toast and jam or some banana bread with a caffe con leche while smelling the bread being baked next door. With a glass storefront, you can take a peak at the masters at work.


If you are need a more substantive breakfast, a five-minute walk from the Loaf is La Guinda. It’s a homestyle cafe that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with outdoor seating. You can nosh on their fresh baked cakes and loafs or opt for some egg souffles and tortas.


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