Walk Among the Fishes at the San Sebastian Aquarium

The Aquarium Donostia-San Sebastián is one of the top attractions in city that’s light on things to do. People come for the beach, the surfing and the eating — not in that order.

In actuality, the aquarium is one of the best in Europe and the only one in the continent with a glass tunnel you walk through to see the fish at all angles. So if you’re traveling with little ones, they’ll love this place.

If anything, you can end your hour walk around the picturesque  La Concha Bay at the aquarium. It’s open seven days a week. It’s 13 euro for admission, half off for kids 4-12, free for toddlers under 4.

I’ve only been to a handful of aquariums in my life, but I find them peaceful with all the blues and lights bouncing around from the water reflections. Walking through that tunnel was pretty neat. Since I’m not much into the science behind the fishes, I breezed through in 90 minutes so I could go back to my hotel to check in.

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