Singular Bar in Bilbao is the Best Place for Craft Beer

My last post on Bilbao takes me to a bar where I felt right at home. Singular is the loan bar in town dedicated to craft beer. With six taps and an extensive bottle list, it’s a who’s who and what’s what of the Spanish craft beer scene. It’s located on Lersundi Kalea, within a five-minute walk from Zubizuri Bridge.

It’s a spacious, modern and comfortable room with plenty of chairs and sofas to relax and spread out with your crew. The staff couldn’t have been nicer to me, even hooking me with some new finds that just came in. It’s the reason I came back a second night. Also I wanted to walk back to my hotel and not stumble drunkenly.

Here’s what I got to drink:

Naparbier — Inside IPA
Espina De Ferro — Dead MonkMade from a malt base consisting of 6 different types of speciality malts. Resulting in a maltose beer with a light caramel flavour. Including aromatic and spicy hops that offer a range of flavours.
BIIR Modern Craft Beer — Country – Belgian Farmhouse AleClassic style Belgian beer ( Farmhouse Ale ) with a mixture of champagne and Belgian special yeast , rye malt and hop dry end of Crystal.
Drunken Bros Brewery — Rosemary —  The initial impact on the nose is different and unexpected mixture of rosemary and citric hops. Deep orange color, has a medium body and a low level of carbon that makes it very comfortable in the drink. It is a balanced beer, with herbal touch and where not protrude or sweetness or bitterness.
Drunken Bros Brewery — Hendrix (Cover Series)Oatmeal Stout. A jet black and brownish foam dense and creamy. Appearance viscous sweet and pleasant aromas, with clear ownership of chocolate and coffee. Dense and silky on the palate , with hints of chocolate, coffee and caramel , and to a lesser extent some raisins and nuts is presented .

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