Take the Funicular de Artxanda in Bilbao for an Unforgettable View

No matter what city or country you visit, it’s imperative that you get to the highest point. To find out where that it, all you have to do is look up from your phone and turn around 360 degrees. Whatever you see towering over the landscape is where you should head to. In Hong Kong, it’s Victoria Peak. In London, the Shard. In Florence, the Piazzale Michelangelo or the Duomo.

In Bilbao, take the funicular to the top of Mount Artxandra and prepare yourself for a heavy dose of awesome. If you’re feeling fit and ready, you  can walk up winding roads. Yeah, I’ll take 90-second ride at 1 euro. It’s open at 7:15am, seven days a week, and closes in the summer at 11pm and 10pm off-season.

Funiculars are damn fun, especially when they are antique. Bilbao’s system has been around since 1915. Forget monorails, funiculars are the transport of the future!

When you get to the top, you’re met with a relaxing park where you can have a picnic among more public art. The views are amazing with the rolling green mountains in background and the sprawl of the city laid out in front of you. If you go at sunset, I’m sure it’s equally amazing

Check the pictures:

Mount-Artxanda2 Mount-Artxanda3 Mount-Artxanda4 Mount-Artxanda5 Mount-Artxanda6 Mount-Artxanda7 Mount-Artxanda8 Mount-Artxanda9 Mount-Artxanda10


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